Helicopter Flight Training, Helicopter Pilot License, Commercial and Advanced Helicopter Flight Training in BC Canada

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Advanced Training Courses

Improve your flight skills with our Advanced Training Courses

Private Helicopter Flight Training

For those who want to fly a helicopter for personal or small business reasons

Commercial Helicopter
Pilot Training

If you plan to start a new career as a helicopter pilot or flight instructor

Advanced Helicopter Pilot Training
Private Helicopter Flight Training
Commercial Heli Pilot Training

So you've always wondered what it would be like to fly...

But you didn't know where to start or how to go about it. Learning to fly is easier than most people think it will be. People from all walks of life become helicopter pilots. Click here for an interesting video on helicopter pilots and the helicopter industry.

Tech Helicopters Ltd. offers flight training for both Private and Commercial Helicopter Licences as well as advanced courses in mountain flying, longlining, and slinging. We also offer helicopter pilot training for individuals who own their own aircraft.

Our goal is to produce qualified helicopter pilots with superior operational flight skills along with some basic understanding and experience in bush flying (northern terrain and weather conditions) which is important for those who want to work in the helicopter industry.



"I was a fixed wing flight instructor from Trinidad, West Indies. The offshore industry was booming and the need for offshore helicopter pilots was on the rise. I knew I had to act quick to get helicopter trained, so after searching the net for Canadian helicopter flight schools I came across Tech Helicopters. I was very pleased with the prompt responses in the beginning, and was also more so pleased when I got there!"