Tech Helicopters is a small family run business (yep, there’s only two of us!), operating out of Prince George, BC. Since opening our doors in 1996 with the purchase of a Robinson RH22 we have supported the forestry, mining, and tourism industries along with providing Commercial, Private, and Advanced Training courses. We have since grown our fleet with the addition of two Robinson RH44 Raven II’s.

You are never just a customer or student, you are a part of our family! 

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Founder, General nice guy

Meet Greg

Being the President, CFI, and only Instructor at Tech Helicopters, Greg wears many hats (though sometimes they look fairly similar). 

His easy going, relaxed manner puts you at ease and makes you comfortable flying with him. And if that doesn’t, his 30 years of experience and over 13,000 flight hours should. 

His “Licence to Learn” outlook and involvement in both training and commercial operations gives him the best of both worlds which also means you get that awesome benefit too! 

If you can’t find him in the sky, his other happy place is on the water, fishing, of course.