I come from a family of aviators and grew up around helicopters since I was a kid. I was recommended to Greg by my grandpa who flew helicopters and a friend who trained with Tech Helicopters a few years earlier. Training with Greg was an awesome experience. The small class size allowed for plenty of flight time and class time per day. Living on base with access to the hanger made for a lot of time to go over the helicopter ask questions and stay focused. Greg’s experience in the industry from his seasonal flying outside of training really helped to get me ready for my first job without any surprises. I would recommend Tech Helicopters to anyone who is planning on flying helicopters. You won’t be disappointed.

Jordan L.

Training with Greg Sanders at Tech Helicopters was an excellent choice. I have been flying on fixed wings for a few years, training with different schools in Quebec, Saskatchewan and BC.

I can say that Greg is the most dedicated instructor that I have ever trained with. His experience and knowledge of aviation will prepare you to face realities of this industry. His one on one approach to flight training will bring you to a better level. Also, Prince George is an ideal area to appreciate different kinds of weather and terrain, giving you the necessary confidence to start with an employer. I really enjoyed these 3 monthes spent with Greg and Miranda, accomodations on site allow you to spend as much time as you want around helis, materials, simulator...there is everything you need to succeed!!!

Hard to forget as well the night expeditions in Prince George with the crew, a real friendly ambience. Thanks again for everything.

Luc D.

I have to say that Greg offers some of the best training available prior to entering the helicopter industry. I found that he not only gets you ready to pass your flight test but he really makes sure you are ready to get out there and work.

I believe it made a huge difference in my ability to impress my first employer in a check ride and it gave me the ground works for good decision making; which is really what flying a helicopter is all about. Training in the R22 was an excellent experience and it made the transition into an R44 (the machine I started out on) very easy. Over the years I have noticed that a lot of students that come from high profile schools with large class sizes aren't very well prepared for career orientated situations. Greg prepares you for this from the start. He shows you what the customer will look for and how to carry it out in a safe and professional manner. I got some experience in tight confined areas, deep snow landings, mountain flying, long-lining and sling work all before I started at a company. I seemed to be the only one who had this experience in flight school!

I have been working now for three years and though I started my career in the flatlands of Alberta, I am back in BC flying in the mountains. This career has been a dream come true for me and I owe a lot of the ground works to Greg. His school is as one-on-one as you can get and without a doubt an excellent way to do it!

Katie M.

After flying fixed wing and spending some time around helicopters in remote camps in Northwest BC, I decided to make the switch to the rotary world of flying.

I found Gregs one on one approach to flight training very benificial. Gregs flight training gives you a very good understanding of what and how things are done in the real world of the helicopter industry. From mountain flying to long lining, Gregs realistic approach towards flight training gets you one step ahead of the competition. I now fly for Interior Helicopters in Northwest BC. I recommend to anyone interested in flying to train with Greg, you wont be disappointed. 

Jason C.

I really enjoyed training with Greg at Tech Helicopters Ltd. I was recommended Tech by a friend who is already in the aviation industry and was not disappointed. Greg's experience made training and finding employment afterwards that much easier.

I received my commercial licence in December 2006, after only 3 months of training, I immediately found employment. I would recommend Tech Helicopters Ltd. to any aspiring pilot because of Tech's dedication to the highest safety standards, the great one on one instruction in an easy-to-learn environment and Greg's knowledge of the aviation industry.

Nolan B.

Training at Tech Helicopters was my best choice, being an older pilot the small class size allowed for more one on one training in the air as well as on the ground. Greg's offer of free accommodations really cut down on training expenses.

Prince George is also a great place to train with all types of terrain and weather; it really helps build a well rounded pilot. I would not hesitate in recommending Tech Helicopters for your training choice.

Glenn R.

I was a fixed wing flight instructor from Trinidad, West Indies. The offshore industry was booming and the need for offshore helicopter pilots was on the rise. I knew I had to act quick to get helicopter trained, so after searching the net for Canadian helicopter flight schools I came across Tech Helicopters.

I was very pleased with the prompt responses in the beginning, and was also more so pleased when I got there! Greg Sanders helped me achieve my goal of Helicopter CPL alternate category, with an extremely helpful Mountain Course within 2 months. During that two months the training I got there proved very valuable. Confined Area work, precautionary landings, auto-rotations, slope landings, long lining and everything else to give you the edge when it comes to training. The lessons both in the air and groundschool were done under very individualised and personal level conditions that worked quite well for me.

Now I am working with the national helicopter company back home, flying as a first officer on the Sikorsky 76A helicopter, and I have alot to thank Tech Helicopters and its President Greg Sanders for the valuable training, lessons, and experience that I gained while I was there, for I am now reaping the benefit of an exciting and rewarding career as a helicopter pilot.

Simon S.

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