Our flight school is located 9.3 nm from the Prince George International Airport.

We are surrounded by forestry cut blocks, swamps, and mountains, all only minutes away. This is the environment we train in, real life conditions, so your first check ride with a company won’t be full of surprises. 

To succeed in the helicopter industry you need exposure to northern conditions and operational flying skills. That’s what our students can expect from their training with us. The landscape of northern BC provides a wide array of high mountain terrain and weather to introduce you to the requirements needed for commercial flying. 

Our Instructor is not only a training pilot he also works commercially in the industry. This gives us the advantage of knowing the demands of the industry and the skill level required. The best part, we pass this on to each of our students! 

Flight Training Fleet

Robinson RH44 Raven II 

The Robinson R44 offers a similar performance value of a turbine helicopter at an economic price. The Raven II is designed for higher altitudes and increased payloads while maintaining a comfortable cruising speed of over 110 knots. 


Robinson RH22 

The Robinson R22 is still the most commonly used aircraft for flight training. The RH-22 cruises fast and everything in the machine is designed to be as simple, lightweight, and maintenance-free as possible. It is truly the perfect entry level helicopter and provides a good platform on which to easily transition to any other helicopter type. 

Flight Simulator

A Computerized flight simulator is used to aid in the flight training. Students have unlimited access to the use of the simulator which lets you improve your flight skills at your convenience. The simulator includes full use of collective, cyclic, and pedals.

You can benefit from two hours a day in a simulator and it won't cost you a penny. This system of training along with time in the helicopter has proved itself valuable. Students who have had the opportunity to spend time on the simulator prior to flight training have demonstrated the ability to fly and land the helicopter on their very first flight training session. 


Sorting out housing options is the last thing we want our students to worry about. We recognize you have enough decisions to make so we are happy to provide on-site housing during your training. Our facility includes all the comforts from home including wifi (that’s a necessity). For current pricing and availability please contact us


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