We limit our class size in order for our students to receive one on one training so each student can progress individually. This gives the instructor the flexibility to tailor the course based on the students learning requirements. 

Prepare for a Successful Career

As a helicopter pilot each student must meet the following licence requirements: 

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Obtain a valid Category 1 Medical
  • Achieve 60% or higher on a written exam (CPHEL)
  • Attend 80 hours of ground school instruction
  • Accumulate 100 hours of flight time, of which a minimum 55 hours are dual flight, 35 hours are solo flight
  • A successful flight test


Reference: CARs 421.31 

Students will receive a comprehensive course outline at the beginning of their training but we have included a brief description below so you know what to expect: 

Air Regulations 
covers all subjects pertaining to the government regulations: (C.A.R.S.) Canadian Air Regulations.

covers an extensive study of weather related subjects. Students obtain a thorough understanding of the environment that they will encounter in their flying career.

you are taught the inner workings of the aircraft components, the theory of flight, and other principles of flight that relate to rotary wing flight.

you learn how to prepare for, compute and conduct cross-country flights. You also acquire the ability to calculate, estimate and accommodate changing enroute conditions and will be able to divert to alternate designations.

the goal is for you to develop a functional understanding of the machine you operate as well as the environment you fly in. This will promote safe and efficient operation of the helicopter.

Commercial Pilot's Licence Rates

Robinson R22 Option

100 hrs @ $630/hr      $63,000
Administration Fee      $250
Textbook Package     $350
Ground School     $1,000
Total Course Cost     $64,600

Other Aircraft Available:

Robinson RH44 Raven II

Courses are also available for individuals looking for a Private Helicopter licence or for those you already hold either a private helicopter licence or a commercial fixed-wing licence. Contact us for pricing and availability. 

Note: Students may need additional helicopter flight training to meet the requirements for their selected course. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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