We are committed to providing our customers with the expertise and knowledge they need. With our pilot’s 30 years of flying experience along with utilizing the Robinson RH44 we are confident we can get your job done in a safe, timely, and cost effective manner.


We are industry recognized for our unsurpassed safety record. 

Our aircraft are equipped with satellite tracking devices enabling our staff and customers to view and track information on our fleets location in real-time.  In other words, there’s no sneaking off to go fishing without the boss knowing. Satellite phone capabilities are used to provide direct contact with our pilots via voice call or text message. 

Robinson RH44 II

With a similar performance value of a turbine the RH44 II is designed for higher altitudes and increased payloads. An aerodynamic fuselage provides increased airspeed and a low fuel consumption rate.

Cruising Speed     110kts (202 km/h) 
Fuel Consumption      60 litres/hr 
Max Range     300 nm (550km)
Passenger Seating    3
Internal Payload      780 lbs
External Payload

     780 lbs

Helicopter Equipment

  • Cargo Hook
  • Cargo Baskets
  • Long Lines
  • Nets
  • Sling Gear

Recreational Services Include

  • Sightseeing
  • Backcountry drop offs and pick ups
  • Heli-hiking
  • Customizable Packages

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